William Shakespeare. The Midsummer Night. Act1 scene 2

SCENE II. Athens. QUINCE'S house. Enter QUINCE, SNUG, BOTTOM, FLUTE, SNOUT, and STARVELING QUINCE Is all our company here? BOTTOM You were best to call them generally, man by man, according to the scrip. QUINCE Here is the scroll of every man's name, which is thought fit, through all Athens, to play in our interlude [...]


“The Perilous Time”.

The time unknown to me The prophesied time of dooms When mankind will forsake their maker And cleave to vanity Thinking all of life shall be rosy But hardship seize not to knock the door Neither has sorrows untold seize from flooding our homes They that profess Christ has cherished the glitters of sin And [...]


When the young shall grow, The grown shall be old Then look into the ball of nature, See the unseen air therein  Listen to the whistle's advise. Our father's has roared and  Our mother's has whispered All for our good humour Why not allow the incubated egg to hatch, At it's maturity age. Why have [...]

My Art Nature.

In my little age Then I know I am something As old as creation Made in a pot of production To give the world it's desire. Then in my middle age  Nature pushes me to it's wall Telling me the accent plot of Art, How wood was chipped, Clay was mixed and Ancient image produced. [...]